Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading

Our daily Bible reading plan gives you the opportunity to explore various parts of God’s word:

  • Every Sunday and Wednesday we read a psalm, to exalt God in praise and refresh your soul.
  • Every Tuesday and Saturday we’ll read a passage related to our weekly Bible Study at church. Tuesday relates to what you’ll study in class on Wednesday and Saturday relates to what you’ll study in class on Sunday.
  • Every Thursday and Friday we read from the Gospels, to fix our eyes on Jesus, reminding ourselves of what it means to be his disciple.
  • Every Monday we read a chapter from the wisdom literature of the Old Testament.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied, Matthew 5:6.

Download the March 2018 Daily Bible Reading Calendar

Take a closer look! On two-three days each week, you can read a short devotional associated with that day's Bible reading. Look below to find the latest devotional!

Date Title Author
03/01/18 He Has Risen, He is Not Here Matthew Allen
01/23/18 Held Together By Jesus’ Power Matthew Allen
01/15/18 Don't Forget the Lord's Way Matthew Allen
01/02/18 You Are Worthy (Ephesians 3.1-13) Matthew Allen
01/01/18 Wisdom's Promise (Proverbs 1) Matthew Allen