Are you looking for a closer relationship with God? Are you looking for a church family? If so, we welcome you to any of our services or classes.

You are important to us because you are important to God.

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February 2015

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  1. Men's Bible Study
    2/27/15 06:30am
  2. Children's Devotional
    3/1/15 09:30am
  3. Bible Class
    3/1/15 09:45am
  4. Worship
    3/1/15 10:45am
  5. Tues AM Bible Study
    3/3/15 09:00am
  6. Full Calendar

Welcome to Kettering!


On behalf of the Kettering family, I'd like to invite you to visit us. When you come, you'll find a worship service that honors God in every aspect. From our singing and prayer, to communion and preaching, our members take reverencing God seriously. I think you'll find it refreshing.

During January and February we are focusing on God's Pattern. In both Testaments, God communicates four principles to mankind:

  1. God wants to preserve us from destruction.
  2. God provides salvation from sin.
  3. God is worthy of worship.
  4. God has created all things for His glory.

January's focus will be on the Old Testament, where these principles are shadows of things to come. During February, we'll look at these things from a New Testament perspective, where they have their ultimate fulfillment in Christ. 

We hope you'll join us! You'll be glad you did.

Matthew Allen, minister @ Kettering Church

Kettering's Vision 2015

At Kettering Church of Christ, we're excited about what the new year holds in store.

Over the last 5 years, our congregational family has used yearly themes in planning for preaching and adult class curriculum. We have found this to be an effective way to encourage spiritual growth in a practical and uplifting way.

During 2015, we want each member of our spiritual family to develop a greater understanding of what adorning the doctrine of Christ means. We intend to equip the local church on how to apply the principles in Titus 2.10b to everyday spiritual living. 

Learn more about VISION 2015 by following this link, or clicking on the picture above.

Friday February 27 2015

Old Testament: Lev 17-18 Lev 17-18

(Daily Reading, ESV)