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November 2015

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  1. Children's Devotional
    11/29/15 09:30am
  2. Bible Class
    11/29/15 09:45am
  3. Worship
    11/29/15 10:45am
  4. Tues AM Bible Study
    12/1/15 10:00am
  5. Wednesday Afternoon Bible Study
    12/2/15 01:00pm
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Kettering's Vision 2016

At Kettering Church of Christ, we're excited about what the new year holds in store.

Over the last 6 years, our congregational family has used yearly themes in planning for preaching and adult class curriculum. We have found this to be an effective way to encourage spiritual growth in a practical and uplifting way.

During 2016, we want equip our spiritual family for the troubled times ahead. While we are not the first generation to experience difficulty for Christian beliefs, we need to know we can move forward with a spirit of optimism and trust. This year, we'll be looking for Biblical answers to the moral problems our country faces. We'll be talking about how times like this presents us with a great opportunity for growth. We'll learn how we can help our families stand up and stand out. And finally, we'll examine the validity of God's word. It serves as the most reliable guide to get us through difficult times.

We hope you'll visit our Bible classes and worship services in the coming year. You'll be glad you did.

Learn more about VISION 2016 by following this link, or clicking on the picture.

Friday November 27 2015

Old Testament: Ezek 23 Ezek 23

(Daily Reading, ESV)